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About the disease.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease, characterized by circumscribed swollen red patches covered with white scales . This condition may appear in the scalp, elbows, knees, and the lower part of the back.

About 2 % of the global population suffers from this disease.

This disease tends to be confused   with other  types of   dermatitis such as :

  1. Systemic lupus erythematosus
  2. Pink Pityriasis
  3. Medicamentose Dermatitis,  among others.


For this reason, the patient should go through a precise diagnosis, including sometimes  a biopsy to confirm that it is definitely being dealt with psoriasis. You can go through this exam in your country and we highly recommend it so that the patient is completely sure of the diagnose before coming to Havana.

Patients all over the world find relief to this disease with different drugs; however, the effectiveness achieved by Cuban doctors in this field is among the most advanced.

 Treatment. Medication to cure psoriasis.

To receive Psoriasis treatment, you should be assisted at the Centro  de Histoterapia Placentaria in Havana. (see information about  this institute). To receive the treatment to cure Psoriasis, we recommend you to travel to Havana where you should stay minimum 4 nights and 5 days.

The Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria assists the patients  from Monday to Friday (9:00 AM to 04:00 PM)

The treatment at the Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria, consists of the application of a medication called Coriodemina. This medicine  to cure Psoriasis is made of human placenta.

Coriodemina (this new antipsoriatic product)  has proved to be effective in 85 % of the cases under treatment. It eliminates symptoms and signs of psoriasis.  Its application is completely innocuous. No side effects have been reported so far, and can be applied to children, pregnant women and elderly people.

Coriodermina is  a hidrosoluble  gel for topic application on the psoriatic lesion. Its commercial name  comes from the Greek word Corion , which means placenta, and Dermina: related to skin.

This Cuban medicine: Coriodermina,  can be applied to all patients suffering from psoriasis; no matter age, sex or race of the patient. Even to pregnant women, breast fed children and elderly people., as it has no side effects.

As a rule, the disease is gone after 2 years of treatment.

Coriodermina is obtained at the Dermatology Department by psoriatic patients who are under treatment and who have been assisted by the International Clinic Services of the Centro de Histoterapia Placentaria in Havana City.

The efficacy  in the application of Coriodermina   depends on the following factors:

  1. Age
  2. Extension of the affected  area
  3. The time the patient has been suffering for the disease
  4. Correct application of the treatment


Get more information about the cure of psoriasis in the following video.( click here)

The treatment to cure psoriasis takes  three consecutive days.

1st. day: Lecture to explain everything related to the treatment to cure psoriasis, specialized medical appointment and beginning of treatment. If the physician considers it necessary, the patient will be assisted by a psychologist  without additional cost.
2nd and 3rd day: Training about the use of Coriodermia.

To continue the treatment to cure Psoriasis in his country, the patient will be properly instructed about  the appropriate  amount of medicine to take, depending on the extension of the body area affected by the disease.

To receive the medication to cure psoriasis, it is not necessary to hospitalize the patient as the treatment is ambulatory.

Note: The medication Coriodermia is not sold without medical prescription, but after the corresponding medical study of each case.


  1. Medical consultation and  training for the use of the medicine: 240 USD
  2. The cost of the medicine depends on the amount required according to the needs of the patient.


CUBANHEALTH offers you the possibility to make the medical appointment, take care of your accommodation in Havana, and the transfer. For this,  you   only have to fill this form, and send it to us.

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