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The illness: 
The Vitiligo is an illness of the skin that suffers the world population's one percent. The illness is only located in the skin, for the lack of a cell. 
The Vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder in which melanocytes (the cells that make pigment) in the skin, the mucous membranes (tissues that line the inside of the mouth and nose and genital and rectal areas), and the retina (inner layer of the eyeball) are destroyed. As a result, white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. The hair that grows in areas affected by vitiligo usually turns white.
The cause of vitiligo is not known, but doctors and researchers have several different theories. One theory is that people develop antibodies that destroy the melanocytes in their own bodies. Another theory is that melanocytes destroy themselves. Finally, some people have reported that a single event such as sunburn or emotional distress triggered vitiligo; however, these events have not been scientifically proven to cause vitiligo.
Cures  of the Vitiligo. Treatment 
For the treatment  for  Vitiligo in Cuba you should be consulted in the Center of  Histoterapia Plancentaria of the Havana, for what to receive it you should travel and to remain in Cuba as minimum 3 days. This center consultation from Monday to Friday  from  9.00 AM to 04.00 PM. 

For this treatment,  is not necessary to enter the patient since the same one it is ambulatory, should house in one of the hotels that exist near to the clinic and  you can reserve it through our agency.  

The treatment for  cure  of Vitiligo is carried out for 3 days: 
Day 1: Presentation of explanatory conference on the illness, consults it prescribes and buy of the medications (Melagenina Plus) 

To continue with the treatment in their country, the patient   will be indicated in consultation the appropriate quantity of medication to take, according to the grade of extension of their corporal surface affected by the illness.  
Day 2 and 3: Training on the use of the medication  
Notices: The medication Melagenina Plus is not sold freely, single previous evaluation and prescription by the doctor that   assists you. 
The consultation prescribes, and the training of the use of the medication = 288 usd 
The quantity  of medications this in dependence of the portion of affected skin and the time of duration of the treatment indicated for the  Doctor prescribe.
The cost of the lodging, will be in dependence of the hotel category that you reserve us.

The payment of the Vitiligo treatment and the medications are carried out directly in the clinic and the payment of the lodging services in our offices in  Havana.
Melagenina PlusMelagenina Plus (Melagenina + Chloride of Calcium) it is an alcoholic extract of human placenta, pharmaceutical product that has the property of increasing the reproduction of the melanocytes, as well as accelerating the process of  melanin production  for what it is an election medication for the treatment from the vitiligo when accelerating the reproduction of the melanocytes remainders in the border or interior area of the sick person's regions acronyms.  
Melagenina Plus  is a product able to achieve the reversion of the severe cases of vitiligo because  is intensity and duration of the stimulating effect of The treatment of this illness is carried out  the  pigmentation, characteristic of the Melagenina when adding him calcium, essential as activator of the processes of cellular reproduction .

The inocuidad (it doesn't produce secondary effects) of the treatment with MELAGININA PLUS  allows their employment as much in children as in adults, included people of advanced age, pregnancy  and women during the menstrual period. 
It is compatible with any food type or drink, as well as with other groups of medications, except  the psoralenos, corticoides and cytostatic, with those that he/she manifests antagonism. 

Melagenina Plus  lacks of secondary inconveniences effects,  local or systemic. 
Presentation: Flask of glass color amber of 235 ml.  
Composition: Fraction lipo protein placentaria human solubilizada in alcohol (890 grades) 235 ml. and CaC12. 

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