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The Psoriasis is a chronic condition of the skin characterized by the presence of inflamed areas, of reddish color that usually cover of flakes, in the hairy leather, the elbows, the knees and the inferior part of the back. In United States, almost 6 million people suffer of Psoriasis

The psoriasis is an illness that hits many people in the world. Approximately the population's 4.8% suffers it.

Classically the psoriasis is defined like an illness of hereditary character, indeed is possible to find inside a nucleus family, diverse fellows affected by this illness. But it frequents, it is the confirmation in a family, of people with pathologies like the adult's diabetes, the artris reumatoide, il lupus heril coughs systemic, the vitiliginis and the psoriasis. This is why these illnesses are of origin Poli génicas, and this means that the susceptibility to this illness this writing doesn't have more than enough alone a gene. Genetically speaking, one can say that the psoriasis is an illness with characteristic of familiarity.

Treatment for the cure of the Psoriasis in Cuba.

Many people in the world find relief in different drogs, however few they are the treatments that can offer a cure to the Psoriasis with the effectiveness reached by the doctors in Cuba.

To begin the treatment in Cuba it is necessary to be consulted in the Specialized Clinic of the Center of Histoterapia Placentaria in Havana and to remain during a minimum of 3 skilled days in Cuba to attend the consultations. (4 nights, 5 days)

The specialized consultation is developed from Monday to Friday of every week in the schedule from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. takes charge of all the coordinations with the Clinic. In case you want it equally we can be in charge of  the necessary coordinations for your transportation and lodging.

The reservation should make  with the enough time that allows us to guarantee you the shift prescribe and the reservation of its lodging, we recommend you that the less 15 days before you trip, make it  us to know.

The treatment for the cure of the psoriasis is carried out for 3 days:
Day 1: Presentation of explanatory conference on the illness, doctor consults and she buys of the medications.

To continue with the treatment in your country, to the patient  will be indicated in consultation the appropriate quantity of medication to take, in accordance with the grade of extension of your corporal surface affected by the illness.
Day 2 and 3: Training on the use of the medication


The consultation prescribes, but the training of the use of the medication = 288 usd
The quantity of the medications is in dependence of the portion of affected skin and the time of duration of the treatment indicated for the  doctor prescribe.
The cost of the lodging, will be in dependence of the hotel category that you reserve us.

In the Center of Histoterapia Placentaria the patient is subjected to treatment to evaluate the effectiveness of the drog placentario and to know the exact quantity of the medication that will require the patient later on in a two year-old period to achieve her cure

CorioderminaIn Cuba a treatment has been developed and this giving impressive, called results Coriodermina, elaborated with the human placenta.
The effectiveness of the new product anti psoriático - elimination of the symptoms and signs of the illness - it is of 78 percent of the patients treaties, without local neither systemic secondary reactions took place.
The medication that is presented in form of gel hidrosoluble for its topical application on the lesions psoriáticas, has the commercial name of Coriodermina (of the Greek Corion that means placenta and Dermina, relative to the skin). The product should be conserved in refrigeration.
The Cuban medication, the Coriodermina, it can be applied from a topical way to all the patients affected by psoriasis in more or smaller grade, of any age, sex or race, inclusive women, children nurslings and old men, because the product doesn't present secondary effects.
The Coriodermina is applied with the fingers on the lesions psoriáticas (badges), extending smoothly, without rubbing, three times a day with intervals of 8 hours (morning-late and night).
After each application the lesions should remain from 30 to 40 minutes to the overdraft, to facilitate an appropriate dermal penetration of the Coriodermina.
In one of the daily applications, the patient should expose the areas tried by the light of an infrared lamp of 150-250 watts of intensity, located at a distance of 40 centimeters during 30 minutes.
The applications will be carried out until all the lesions psoriáticas disappear. Once this happens, the patient suspends the treatment until a new crisis is presented, when it should restart it with identical discipline.
Habitually at one time two year-old average the illness disappears gradually.
The Coriodermina is only distributed in the services of Dermatology to the patient psoriáticos that receive attention, and that they have been consulted in the International Clinical Service of the Center of Histoterapia Placentaria of City of Havana.

The medication:  CORIODERMINA
The Coriodermina is a factor placentario that inhibits the development of the crises psoriáticas regulating the speed of reproduction of the epidermal cells or queratinocitos, when neutralizing the stimulating effect of diverse chemical mediators of the inflammatory process, such as neuropéptidos and citokinas it is capable decontrolar and to revert the progression of the psoriasis.

It is presented in form of jelly hidrosoluble that exercises their action in the dermal layer for absorption transcutánea starting from the application place. Their inocuidad (it doesn't produce local or systemic noxious secondary effects) it allows to use it as much in children as in adults, including people of advanced age, gestantes and women during their menstrual period.

It is compatible also with any type of foods or drinks, as well as with other groups of medications.

Presentation: Plastic flask of 200 g
Composition: Each 100 g contains:
Fraction placentaria human bioestimulante of the transformation cellular epidermal solubilizada in ethanol (90 grades), 59 ml
Exicipient hidrosoluble (100 g).

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